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Malta recovers and recycles metals using a cutting-edge process that results in unique materials.

We strive to maintain excellence by investing and continuously developing our processes to achieve results that are tailored to the needs of our customers. See more:


Scrap is our raw material and receiving it is the first step of the process. After receipt, it is classified and packed by type to ensure it can be transported properly and without the risk of accidents.


The foundry process transforms the scrap into a certified-quality product. The shapes available are: ingots, plates, shots and, in the case of copper, granules of varying sizes to meet the needs of the customer.


We have a thorough collection system for waste and impurities to prevent such materials from being dispersed into the atmosphere. We have also developed a program to reuse our production surplus, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

4. LAB

Our modern and fully-equipped testing and measurement lab ensures that the strictest specification standards are met. At the end of every analysis, we issue a certificate for each product. After the metal alloy has received the certification, it is packed and sent to the logistics area.


The products are stored in a safe and suitable area. Our vehicle fleet is ready and fully equipped to adequately maintain quality during transport. The products are identified and sealed for tracking and checks.

We are located in a privileged place in Vale do Paraíba (Sao Paulo) with easy access to the country's main roadways.

We deliver nationwide with speed, punctuality and safety and guarantee our inventory availability. Contact us for more information.

See our Certificates.Also see our Certificates.
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55 11 5051.3940

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